Alumni Association of JNV Naichana, Rewari (HR)

सेवार्थ संगठित .. निस्वार्थ समर्पित

“Time to give back to your Alma Mater”

Preferred mode of payment: NEFT, QR and UPI

JNV Alumni Association Naichana

Customer Number -C00573448

Account Number - 4915000100060251

IFSC Code - PUN80491500

MICR Code -

Bank: Bawal, Haryana

                   Do not stop after contributing the membership amount. You are welcome to donate separately to build our network stronger, mightier and far reaching.

For any questions regarding the  Membership, please contact the JNVAAN office by emailing

Account of the Society

1. The Treasurer and Auditor of the Association will be responsible for keeping and maintaining proper books of accounts i.e. Cash Books, Ledger etc. as required under Income Tax laws and any other authority including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India at its registered office with respect to all sums of money received and expended by the Association and the assets and liabilities of the Association.

2. The books of accounts of the Association shall be open to inspection during the business hours by the Registrar General/Registrar/District Registrar or any officer authorized by them and by any member of the Association.

3. The annual accounts of the Association will be signed by all the office-bearers and executive members of the Society.

4. The Governing Body will appoint a chartered accountant, who shall not be a member of the Governing Body or family member of any member of the Governing Body, for auditing the accounts and filing of income tax return of the Society for each financial year, at such remuneration as may be determined by the Governing Body.

 Management of Assets and Funds of the Society

1. The sources of income of the Association will include receipts on account of membership fee, interest, donations, gifts, grants etc.. The Association can also raise funds through interest-free short term loans from its members or from scheduled banks on interest. Loan from the Scheduled Banks on interest will be taken only for purchase or creation of capital assets and not for meeting any recurring revenue expenditure under any circumstances.

2. The Governing Body will prepare and approve an annual budget of the Association on the basis of its estimated income and the capital & revenue expenditure during first quarter of the financial year and shall also place a copy thereof before the General Body in its Annual General Meeting for information.

3. The Bank accounts of the Association will be jointly operated by President and General Secretary with Treasurer.

4. All assets and funds will belong to the Association and vest in the Association.

5. All receipts and payments of the Association shall be made through Bank Instruments (i.e. DD/Pay Order/Cheque/Bank Transfers-IMPS, NEFT/ RTGS /Smart Payments etc.) including all receipts towards the Membership Fees and Donations from the members. However, The Governing Body may determine the limits of financial transactions which may be conducted in cash in certain other cases.