Alumni Association of JNV Naichana, Rewari (HR)

सेवार्थ संगठित .. निस्वार्थ समर्पित

Department of Industries & Commerce, Haryana

“Certificate of Registration is issued under Section 9(1) of the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act,2012”

"JNV ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NAICHANA"  is a Registered Society bearing the Registration Number 00924 and  has been registered on 10 July 2020 year under the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 (Haryana Act No. 1 of 2012) with Unique Identification Number - 2000142786.

       Welcome to the strong community of JNV alumni graduates (Navodayans), a community that has earned a reputation for excellence where everyone is a winner. A network that comprises students passed out from this Vidyalaya, . Bond with your batch-mates, meet your fellow chapter-members, and stay connected with your alma mater. Find everything of interest to JNV Alumni Association here.

  • Search contact information of your friends
  • Reach out to anybody for any sort of help
  • Network
  • Collaborate with similar interest & mindset
  • Participate in JNV chapter meets, class reunions or Alumni meet at JNV, Naichana every year
  • Or simply call fellow Navodayans dive into past treasure of JNV experience

     The JNV Alumni Association is committed to serving and uniting JNV alumni and students of the Vidyalaya. JNVAAN mission is to help prospective students for career platform; development academic excellence among the existing students and career advancement opportunities for alumni. JNVAAN goal is to maintain a community for JNV alumni, and to recognize our achievements and contributions to the alma-mater and society as large.

  • Bring in new ideas about making life easier for Navodayans
  • Help drive initiatives decided by JNV Alumni Association
  • Organize events and meeting among various groups at chapter level or at any particular city
  • Help manage social media, website, communication
  • Visit JNV campus and do career counseling of students there

You have to be a member to enjoy the privileges & benefits and the same time shoulder the responsibility

                   The aims and objects for which the Association is established shall be promotion of charitable object or objects for charitable purposes which will be or is intended to advance the well being of the members and students of the Institute, Education in the Institute, Sports and for their welfare without distinction of caste, creed or community, without any motive for doing business and expressly includes the following:-

  1. To promote contact & communication between the Association & the School.
  2. To provide a forum for the members of the Association for exchange of experience, information and views.
  3. To assist students of School and members of the Association in their academic pursuits and professional careers by organizing different seminars, lectures or may be other ways deemed to suit the Association.
  4. To hold meetings, conferences, organize lectures & social gatherings, publish newsletters for betterment of the School and members of the Association.
  5. To institute scholarships, prizes, assistant ships for students of the school and members of the Association.
  6. To raise funds from its members, other individuals and organizations.
  7. Using the funds as per “Fund Utilization Policy” with the constitution.
  8. To encourage the members to take an active interest in the work and progress of the School so as to contribute towards improvement in the School.
  9. To frame rules and regulations, and modify the same from time to time and to take up such other activities as may be consistent with the stated objectives of the Association.
  10. To take advantage of technologies in achieving the objectives of the Association and minimizing the operational costs.
  11. To increase awareness and to provide support and facilities for gross development of Human and others by providing Education and counseling at various level and other related activities.
  12. To provide awareness and to provide support and facilities for elders and to open old age home and day care center and other related activities.
  13. To circulate/publish periodicals & newsletters for the development and awareness in society in related fields.
  14. To organize lectures, conference seminars, workshops & other program to impart knowledge about health care, education and other related fields.
  15. To provide counseling to patients for matters concerning hygiene, lifestyle, diseases and their cure.
  16. To provide awareness and to provide support and facilities for promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Divyang upliftment, Plantation and other Social welfare schemes run by State/ Central Government.
  17. To provide awareness and to provide support and work for the eradication of poverty and social backwardness.
  18. To provide awareness and to provide support and work for the development in the field of Art, Culture and literature.
  19. To provide support and development program for retired defence and paramilitary persons and war widows.
  20. To liaison and co-ordinate with Government/Non Government agencies & Institutions for welfare of Association members and their family.
  21. To set up infrastructure for cure, research and education in related fields.
  22. To publish advertisements and newspaper articles for creating awareness among general public in related fields.

(In fulfillment of above objectives there is no element of profit involved.)